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Shandong Sanjian Property Management Co.,Ltd.



Shandong Sanjian Property Management Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2002,is the standing governing unit of Jinan City Property Management Industry Association.Some of the employers have the property manager qualification certificate and other professional certificates issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

The company is a comprehensive property management and service agent that mainly focuses on property service and also includes site leasing,conference reception services,cleaning and disinfection of secondary water supply facilities,and family services.Now it serves more than 20 property management projects,including high-grade office buildings,residential quarters of various sizes,staff restaurants,etc.,with an area of about 2,800,000 square meters.

So far today,the company has obtained a good social reputation.The residential quarters that it has served has been awarded titles of Outstanding Residential Quarter of the provincial and municipal property management industry,Provincial Health Advanced Unit,Water Saving Enterprises in Shandong,Garden Community in Jinan,Advanced Grass-Root Unit,Advanced Community and Youth Civilization.


Address:No.36 Qilihe Rd, Jinan,Shandong.


Tel:+86 531 82762518 88897089