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Shandong Sanjian Construction Engineering Management Co.,Ltd.


Shandong Sanjian Construction Engineering Management Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2003,now owns construction engineering general contracting grade A qualification,mechanical and electrical engineering general contracting grade B qualification,specialized contracting grade A qualification of foundation projects and waterproof,anticorrosion and insulation engineering,specialized contracting grade B qualification of architectural decoration,steel structure engineering,and electronic and intelligent engineering ,as well as engineering supervision grade A qualification and engineering consulting grade C qualification.The company hs seven civil building companies and three companies each specialized in management and consulting,foundation projects and installation of mechanical and electrical equipments.

The company has uderstaken Shandong provincial Department of Agriculture Office Building.Beichuan Leigu Town Primary School,Qingyaju public rental houses,Jier Machine-Tool Group Digital Research & Development Center,Xiangtai Square,Shandong Human Resources Center,and Guohua New Classic.It has won many provincial and ministerial awards like the Luban Prize,National Quality Engineering Award,Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize,Chiana Building Decoration Association Award,National Green Construction Demonstration Project of Building Industry,Mount Tail Cup Award,and Shandong Green Technological Demonstration Project.

While engaged in inudstrial and civil engineering general contracting,the company also develops,supervision,project management service,risk management and engineering consulting for the projects developed by Sanjian group.It has served some governmental investing platforms like Jinan Hi-tech Holding Group,West Jinan Construction Command,Jinan Shizhong District Holding,and Urban Redevelopment & Investment Co.,Ltd.

In recent years,the company has obtained National Excellent Construction Enterprise,Nation,Provincial and Municipal Enterprise of Keeping Promise and Honoring Contracts,Excellent Unit of Shandong Indemnificatory Apartment Construction Contest,Shandong Provincial Unit of Increasing People’s Wealth and Rejuvenating Qilu,winner of Shandong Ankang Cup Contest and Jinan May Day Labor Award.


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